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About Us.


To create a church who knows who they are because they know who their God is.

KNOW God intimately

Choosing to believe and trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior is the most important decision a person will ever make.  However, salvation is just the beginning of a beautiful lifelong journey in a relationship with the God of the universe.  God’s will for his children is to learn who he is as Father. When we do, we soon discover who we are in him. 

>Salvation – It’s all about what Jesus did on the cross.

>Relationship – God has called us into a relationship; not a religion. 

>Baptism – There is a baptism in water and the Holy Spirit.

GROW with others

God designed the body of Christ to fellowship with one another and do life together.  When we do, we find strength, joy, support, and love.  We are made to grow, spiritually, together.  Sometimes people encounter God just by hanging out, playing games, laughing, praying, crying, eating, etc.  We need each other.  In fact, you may know you need God and think you don’t need others, until you encounter God through others.  

>Fellowship – Acts 2:42 says that the disciples devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and to prayer.  

>Grow Groups – These are our small groups at Free Church.  We are created for community.

SHOW our identity

What has God deposited in you?  What are your gifts?  What is your personality and how has he wired you?  Come, follow Jesus, connect to the church, discover your gifts and go make a difference by serving.

1 Peter 4:10 God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.

>Volunteering – Every believer, young or old, is fully capable of being used by God.  

>Show Class – This is where we learn our identity as a church, as christians and as individuals.  The goal is for us to discover, develop and deploy. 

GO to others

If a church is not reaching lost people, it has lost one of its ultimate purposes.  Jesus sent his disciples to lost people and said, “As you go, preach…”.  We want to embrace the ‘as you go’ lifestyle. 


>Evangelism – Evangelism isn’t going to an outreach one day; it’s reaching out everyday, as you go.  

>Missions – Free Church believes in supporting missionaries around the world for the sake of advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

>Go Groups – These are our evangelism teams at Free Church.  We do personal, prophetic, and community evangelism.




Going anywhere for the first time can be uncomfortable. We want to give you some insights on what will take place when you arrive.




We offer two services on Sundays at 10:30AM English.





If you have children, we recommend that you arrive 20 mins early to get them checked-in. This will also give you a chance to grab a free donut and some coffee.





We are located at 301 Market Street in Lake Dallas. It is behind the fire station and next to the elementary school.





When you arrive we have two parking lots available: one in front of the church and the LD Elementary School parking lot. As soon as you walk through our doors a greeter will meet you, here you can ask where the Kids Check-in is, directions, and any other questions you may have about the service or location.


If you have children, we offer them a fun and safe children’s program ranging from 0-12 years old. During the check-in process we ask a variety of questions to make sure we understand your kids.


Available in the lobby is complimentary coffee and donuts. 


As you walk into the worship center, an usher will be there to escort you to a seat and further answer any questions you may have. You will experience an incredible time of worship, and dynamic biblical teaching.




  • Nursery facilities are open 15 minutes prior to regular church services and approximately 15 minutes after church services. 

  • We provide nursery care for children birth up to 2 years of age during Sunday morning worship services and on Wednesday nights.When bringing your child to the nursery, please check in your child in at our OAC Kids Self Checkin Station.

  • If you are a new parent or guest, you will need to register your child at the OAC Kids Checkin Desk, where someone can assist you.

  • For safety reasons, parents and siblings are asked not to enter the nursery rooms. 

  • A staff member will greet your child at the door. Please say good-byes quickly. Lingering with an anxious child prevents us from involving him or her in classroom activities. 

  • A parent should pick up the child IMMEDIATELY following the service or function. 

  • Children may be brought to the nursery only if the parent(s) or adult guardian(s) wish to attend a church service or function. 

  • It is strongly suggested that babies and toddlers not be left for a period longer than 3-4 hours. Children become very tired and frustrated when left for long periods of time. We want them to have a positive attitude about church and God. 

  •  If our caregivers are unable to console your child within 15 minutes, we will contact you to return to the nursery via security number on the screens.

What’s Expected of You?

  • Bring a diaper bag with all your child’s needs (lovey, bottle, blanket, cup, pacifier, diapers, wipes, snack, change of clothes). 

  • Please label ALL belongings and diaper bag with your child’s name. 

  • Please come 10-15 minutes early to give us information we need to care for your child and to allow a smooth transition. 

OAC KIDS Illness Policy

Children who are sick will not be allowed in the nursery. If your child develops a fever or other illness symptoms, you will be asked to come pick up your child. No medication will be given to any child in the Nursery Department. Parents should notify caregivers of any allergies. In order to insure the safety and health of other babies and caregivers, please refrain from bringing your child if he or she has had any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours. 

  • Diarrhea 

  • Vomiting 

  • Fever 

  • Rash 

  • Open Sores 

  • Runny nose (anything but clear) 

The purpose of this information is to keep parents informed and keep the lines of communication open. Should you have comments or concerns, please contact us at We are so happy you are here! God bless you and your family.




On Wednesday nights at 6:30pm, our Crew Youthmeet at the church. Everything is geared for your teen. They have pre-service games and hang out at 6:00pm. Followed by a time of worship, teaching, and more interaction with other students. 





We want everyone to feel connected spiritually and relationally. Therefore, we offer a variety of Grow Groups for you to get plugged into. They are located at different homes around Lake Dallas and surrounding areas. Please click our link to get connected today. 





We have simplified this into a few easy steps:

1.  Attend our Sunday mornings on a weekly basis.

2. Attend one of our Newcomers’ Dessert Nights.

3. Attend our Show Class. (This will help us to get to know your God-given gifts.)

4. We will plug you into a place to volunteer and be on our Dream Team. 

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