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We don't give just to get; we give simply out of obedience to the Lord and a love to build His kingdom.  


When you step into a relationship with Jesus one of the first things he calls us into is the act of generosity. It is our call as followers of Christ to give faithfully and sacrificially. We start with our tithe, which means 10% of our income. 

We believe we are also called to give sacrificially above and beyond our tithe to expand what God is doing locally and globally through his church.

When you give to Free Church, you are creating more room for more people to experience the love of Jesus. You become a part of a tribe that is focused on reaching the world for Jesus and creating the future of the church for the next generation.

If you prefer to mail in checks, our mailing address is:

PO BOX 781

Lake Dallas, TX 75065

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